Direct Access

The Direct Access scheme allows individuals and members of the public to instruct a barrister directly, without the need to instruct any other lawyer.

However, some legal problems are not suitable for Direct Access and there are some elements of a case that a barrister will not be able to do for you. In these circumstances we would provide guidance as to how best to proceed.

Please contact our clerks for further information.

Under the scheme, our barristers may:

  • Appear on your behalf at court
  • Provide you with legal advice about the merits and potential outcomes of your case
  • Assist you with drafting correspondence
  • Advise you on the formal steps which need to be taken in proceedings and draft formal documents for use in those proceedings
  • Assist with drafting witness statements
  • Advise as to suitable experts and draft a letter of instruction to them.

Our barristers cannot:

  • Issue court documents for you
  • Instruct an expert witness on your behalf
  • Take responsibility for the handling of clients’ affairs
  • Handle clients’ money.

However, our barrister can provide guidance as to how to do this yourself or suggest other legal professionals that may assist.

All Direct Access work is to be paid privately, in advance of the work being undertaken. Please see the profile page of your barrister for further information.

The Bar Standards Board’s Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients may be found here.

Our barristers who accept Direct Access instructions are:

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