7 April 2022 - Written by Patrick Limb QC

Mediating Clinical Negligence Claims

The NHS in England faces paying out £4.3bn in legal fees to settle outstanding claims of clinical negligence: so reported the BBC in January 2020 following a Freedom of Information Req...

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16 March 2022 - Written by Gareth McAloon

Guidance on Applications for Interim Payments

In complex clinical negligence cases involving substantial damages and an uncertain prognosis, there is often an urgency on the part of claimants to access funds so as to procure immediate needs such as; treatment, care and suitable accommodation. There are two hurdle...

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17 February 2022 - Written by Rachel Young

Causation and Intervening Medical Treatment

As lawyers representing parties in clinical negligence cases, we will often encounter scenarios where the injured party has been involved in a road traffic accident or an accident at work and subsequently seeks medical assistance for the purpose of treating their inju...

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11 February 2022 - Written by Philip Turton

Open Wide: Direct Liability in Dental Practices

It is often the case, in law, that the person who actually commits a tort lacks the means to meet a judgment or otherwise presents as an undesirable Defendant from a Claimant's point of view. The law has long recognised the strong policy reasons behind forms of distri...

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8 February 2022 - Written by Damian Powell

Government Launches Consultation on Proposals for Fixed Recoverable Costs in Lower Value Clinical Negligence Cases

On 31 January 2022 the Department of Health and Social Care published a consultation document setting out its proposals to introduce mandatory fixed recoverable costs and a new "streamlined" process for lower value clinical negligence claims.  ...

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3 February 2022 - Written by Richard Seabrook

Identifying and Proving Breach of Duty Relating to Ambulance Response Time

When you call for an ambulance, you generally want it now. To you, it’s an emergency and an emergency requires an immediate response. The reality of a modern NHS generally and Ambulance Trusts specifically mean that such an e...

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25 January 2022 - Written by Alexandra Pountney

Causation Strikes Again: Dalchow v St George's University NHS Foundation Trust

On 20 January 2022, Hugh Southey QC (sitting as a Deputy Judge of the High Court) handed down judgment in the case of Dalchow v St George’s University NHS Foundation Trust [2...

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18 January 2022 - Written by Philip Turton & Katie McFarlane

Gaps in Time and Space: Claims for Clinical Negligence by Secondary Victims following Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

A heavyweight Court of Appeal, comprising the Master of the Rolls, the Vice President of the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) and Nicola Davies LJ has handed down judgment in the conjoined appeals of ...

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Ropewalk Chambers

For many years we have acted in cases across the spectrum of clinical negligence litigation, ranging from smaller claims arising from dental treatment and minor cosmetic surgery to the most serious cases of birth and catastrophic injury and fatality. The depth of experience in our Clinical Negligence Team allows us to meet all levels of requirement.

Our barristers are highly experienced in group and multi-party actions across a range of clinical negligence and product liability claims.

Sadly, some medical errors result in the death of the patient and we are able to provide expertise in advising and representation at inquests and in subsequent civil claims for damages.

To find out more about our Clinical Negligence barristers, click here.

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