29th Nov 2019
Unanimous Decision in Mackenzie -v- Alcoa Manufacturing (GB) Limited

Patrick Limb QC & Gareth McAloon secure unanimous decision in the Court of Appeal for the Appellant in Mackenzie -v- Alcoa Manufacturing (GB) Limited [2019] EWCA Civ 2110. The Court of Appeal has this morning handed down judgment in this significant decision on a NIHL claim in which t...

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7th Nov 2019
Altering the Land Register on Grounds of Mistake by Mark Diggle

In his latest article, Altering the Land Register on Grounds of Mistake, Mark Diggle analyses three recent Court of Appeal authorities on the meaning of “mistake” in Schedule 4 to the ...

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25th Oct 2019
Damian Successfully Acts for Defendant in Hoy -v- Secretary of State for the Department of Transport & Middle East Holding Ltd

Damian Powell acts for the first Defendant in a successful application for an order that the Claimant's solicitors pay the Defendant's wasted costs following late discontinuance in a NIHL claim. ...

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2nd Jul 2019
Slipping Claims and Evidential Burdens by Thomas Herbert

In his latest Personal Injury article, Slipping Claims and Evidential Burdens, Thomas Herbert considers the ci...

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22nd May 2019
Special Educational Needs Newsletter - Schools and Local Authorities on Funding Special Educational Provision

In his latest SEN article, Andrew Hogan looks at the conflicts that can arise between a school and a local authority on funding Special Educational Provision (SEP). Please ...

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9th Apr 2019
The Liability of Water Utility Companies in Tort for Drains Owned on Private Land

In this article, Philip Godfrey considers the liability of water utility companies for personal injury arising out of accidents involving shared drains on private land. Please ...

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22nd Jan 2019
Personal Injury Litigation Conference 2019

Friday 1st March 2019 Booking now closed. Please email for booking enquiries....

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