29th Sep 2021
Supreme Court Discusses Undertakings Given by Incorporated Law Firms and Interests Protectable by Restraints of Trade

Civil practitioners will be well aware of the court’s important power to enforce solicitors’ undertakings summarily. Such undertakings are given in a wide range of situations but particularly conveyancing and litigation. Solicitors are held to the highest standards of professional con...

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7th Jul 2021
Updated RICS Guidance on Japanese Knotweed

Tom Carter gives his insight into the latest RICS guidance on Japanese Knotweed in his latest article.   To read, please ...

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16th Mar 2021
Stress at Work: Identifying and Assessing the Risks of Working From Home

WFH: The New Normal ‘Lockdown’ was, unsurprisingly, word of the year for 2020 according to the editors of Collins’ dictionary.  The editors of the Oxford English Dictionary, however, identified this as just one in a list that included a 300% increase in the use of...

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