14 July 2021
Serious Injury Webinar 2021 | Spinal Cord Injury - Posing Broad Questions, Getting Bespoke Answers

Spinal Cord Injury is never but one injury: it causes a range of significant problems. This webinar addresses how ‘across-the-board’ case-planning best secures tailor-made outcomes.


  • What is an SCI - and what is not?
  • What range of problems does SCI cause - and what risks being missed?
  • What are the foundation stones to effective case management – and rehabilitation?
  • What rehabilitating therapies need to be considered?
  • What next in SCI?

To view the recording for this webinar, please click here.

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Patrick Limb QC


Patrick Limb QC

Call: 1987   |   Silk: 2006

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