21st Jul 2021
Serious Injury Webinar 2021 | Care and Case Management in Serious Injury Cases

21 July 2021 | 2pm An in-depth look at the circumstances in which care and case management is required, the principles to be applied in determining what is reasonably recoverable and the practical steps necessary to achieve the appropriate care regime. To register for this webinar...

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14th Jul 2021
Serious Injury Webinar 2021 | Spinal Cord Injury - Posing Broad Questions, Getting Bespoke Answers

Spinal Cord Injury is never but one injury: it causes a range of significant problems. This webinar addresses how ‘across-the-board’ case-planning best secures tailor-made outcomes. Agenda What is an SCI - and what is not? What range of problems does...

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7th Jul 2021
Serious Injury Webinar 2021 | Lower Limb Amputation Claims: Practice and Prosthetics

During this webinar Richard Seabrook of Ropewalk Chambers provides an overview of lower limb amputation claims. Our guest speaker ...

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30th Jun 2021
Serious Injury Webinar 2021 | Quantum Update in Serious Injury Cases

This webinar focused on two recent developments of importance in many serious injury cases. Ogden 8 – how significant are the changes? Accommodation claims after Swift v Carpenter. Agenda Ogden 8 Mortality rates – all...

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31st Mar 2021
Personal Injury Webinar 2021 | Proximity in Time & Relationship: Recent Developments Relating to Claims by Secondary Victims

Presented by Philip Turton and Katie McFarlane, this webinar is a review of recent case law and developments in relation to claims for injury brou...

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24th Mar 2021
Personal Injury Webinar 2021 | Employers' Liability for Work Related Stress in the COVID-19 Era

Presented by Jayne Adams QC and Tom Panton, this webinar covered employers’ liability for psychiatric injuries caused by work-related stress. It revi...

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17th Mar 2021
Personal Injury Webinar 2021 | Liability Update: The Key Cases on Personal Injury Liability from 2020

Presented by Alex Denton, Jessica Woodliffe and Abigail Scott, this webinar provides a wh...

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10th Mar 2021
Personal Injury Webinar 2021 | Clean Air and Tort Law

Presented by Patrick Limb QC and Thomas Herbert, his talk will address both the general and the particulate. It will range across smelly fertilisers, dirty...

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