Georgina Cursham

Call: 2007

"Widely esteemed for her expertise in claims involving the Animals Act."

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Georgina Cursham

Georgina achieved the Nottingham Law School Prize for the highest overall result on the Graduate Diploma in Law, followed by the Taylor Prize for best overall performance on the Bar Vocational Course at Nottingham Law School.

She was awarded a major scholarship from Gray’s Inn for the CPE year.

She had eight years’ commercial and public sector experience before coming to the Bar, including work for the Legal Services Commission, and commercial management in the banking recruitment sector and hospitality industry, managing a four star hotel in Central London. She is a competent French speaker.

With extensive personal injury experience, she specialises in claims involving animals and disputes in the equine industry, and has a particular interest in inquest work.

She has a strong analytical approach and thorough attention to detail. She is regarded as being approachable with clients and witnesses, and is known for persuasive written and verbal submissions and effective cross-examination.

Georgina was appointed to the Attorney General's Panel of Counsel in 2012.

Interests away from the Bar include running, horse riding, skiing and travel.

Animals & Equine

Georgina is a specialist in equine litigation and other disputes involving animals. She has in-depth knowledge of the complex provisions of the Animals Act 1971 and associated case law.

She has advised and represented Claimants and Defendants in claims arising from horse riding accidents on private premises and in equestrian schools, fatal animal attacks, road traffic incidents involving horses and livestock, dog bites and employer’s liability claims in animal-related incidents.

She has particular expertise in cases involving trespass and nuisance, including damage to, and caused by, livestock.

She also has wide experience of veterinary negligence and farriers’ work and disputes arising from the sale of horses and ponies.

Catastrophic Injury

Georgina’s experience in catastrophic injury claims includes: severe head injuries, resulting in permanent vegetative state, spinal injuries, resulting in significant disability and fatal accidents.

She regularly undertakes advocacy, both alone and being led in the High Court and provides a full drafting service including liability, quantum, schedules of loss and counter-schedules. She is well versed in the use of actuarial / Ogden tables.

Personal Injury

Georgina represents both Claimants and Defendants in personal injury claims on the fast track, multi-track and at appellate level. Her caseload includes fatal accidents and high value claims.

She has experience of a wide variety of claims, including employers’ liability, road traffic accidents, occupiers’ liability, highways and other slip and trip accidents, product liability, and claims involving alleged breaches of human rights.

She regularly acts in cases concerning the Defective Premises Act 1972, the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and breaches of the building regulations.

She is experienced in claims involving nervous shock and other psychiatric injuries, defences of illegality and volenti non fit injuria, children or protected parties, insolvent parties and the Official Receiver, CICA and CRU appeals.

Clinical Negligence

Georgina receives instructions on behalf of both Claimants and Defendants in claims involving alleged negligent care and treatment. She represents families, as well as medical and caring professionals, at inquests, in which medical care is scrutinised.

With a strong analytical approach, she is adept at dealing with complex issues of breach and causation, and is confident dealing with conflicting expert evidence, both in conference and at trial.

Recent work has included claims arising from alleged negligent dental treatment, unnecessary and / or negligently executed plastic surgery, inadequate care in a nursing home, delayed diagnosis and negligent treatment of kidney stones and negligent orthopaedic/paediatric treatment.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Georgina has broad experience across a range of commercial matters, and is able to draw on her industry experience gained prior to her call to the Bar. She represents clients in court and in mediation, arbitration or joint settlement meetings.

She acts in cases concerning the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. She is experienced in disputes in respect of breach of contract, wrongful interference with goods, construction and building disputes, misrepresentation, undue influence and restitution claims.

She also deals with disputes with energy providers, personal and company insolvency, insurance, bailment and injunctions.

Costs & Litigation Funding

Georgina has experience across a range of costs work, including costs budgeting, CCMC’s, detailed assessments and QOCS.


Georgina has experience across a range of disease claims, including noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), HAVS and other work-related upper limb disorders and mesothelioma and other asbestos-related disease.

She is routinely instructed to attend trials on all substantive issues or limitation alone, as well as CCMC’s.

She is adept at analysing and challenging expert evidence, both in conference and at trial.


Georgina appears at inquests on behalf of a range of interested parties, including the family of the deceased, insurers, and, in her capacity as Treasury Counsel, the Ministry of Justice.

She has a robust approach to the admissibility and relevance of evidence, and is sensitive to the quasi-criminal nature of some inquest hearings.

Her experience includes inquests involving deaths in custody, Article 2 ECHR, deaths of vulnerable adults in care, mesothelioma and other industrial diseases, accidents at work, road traffic accidents and highways matters, including dangerous road surface defects.

She has acted in both jury and Coroner inquests and Coroner alone.


Georgina’s experience spans a range of insurance issues, including pet insurance third party liability, for example whether the policy covered a dog bite to a member of the owner’s family and pet insurance for veterinary treatment, such as non-disclosure of pet’s previous condition.

She deals with property disputes, including damage to insured property caused by negligent works, obstruction of drainage and / or nuisance.

She has experience of motor insurance disputes, including non-disclosure, misrepresentation, breach of contract and Motor Insurers’ Bureau claims.

Professional Negligence

Georgina’s professional negligence experience includes claims arising out of work done by solicitors, will writers, plumbing / heating engineers, demolition contractors and medical professionals.

Property & Real Estate

Georgina has broad experienced across a wide range of property and chancery cases.

She represents clients in court and in mediation, arbitration or joint settlement meetings.

She deals with all aspects of landlord and tenant claims, including business and residential possession proceedings, dilapidations claims, claims for compensation and deposits.

Georgina has experience of real property disputes, including those involving easements, boundary disputes, trusts of land, the Right to Buy scheme, tree root damage and subsidence.

She regularly deals with claims concerning constructive and / or resulting trusts, joint ownership, undue influence, proprietary estoppel and nuisance.

Public Sector & Not for Profit

As counsel on the Attorney General’s Regional Panel, Georgina has had broad exposure to public law work, which has enabled her to build upon her advocacy experience in housing matters, and previous employment in the public sector prior to coming to the Bar.

Her public sector experience includes advisory, drafting and advocacy work claims involving judicial review, human rights claims, unlawful imprisonment claims, housing, misfeasance in public office, harassment, licensing and building regulations.


Georgina has a particular interest, and wide-ranging legal experience, in claims arising out of equestrian pursuits including eventing, show-jumping, and hunting.

Further, as a keen participant and observer of many sporting activities, she has a good understanding of the issues which arise in legal cases arising from the same.

She also has experience of claims involving charities and unincorporated associations, which often feature in sports claims.

Wills, Probate & Inheritance

Georgina’s probate and trusts experience encompasses advisory, drafting and advocacy work in contentious probate proceedings and Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 claims.

She is often instructed in will disputes, including rectification, proceedings for the administration of a will, removal of personal representatives and claims against executors. She has experience of professional negligence arising from the drafting and / or administration of a will.

She is experienced in claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, joint bank accounts, enduring powers of attorney and claims for an account and / or inquiry.


  • Attorney General’s Panel Counsel


  • Personal Injuries Bar Association


  • LLB (Graduate) First Class Honours, Nottingham Law School
  • MA (Oxon) Modern Languages, Pembroke College, Oxford

Notable Cases

  • KK v SE (2019): representing the Claimants in a £1,000,000+ claim under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934, arising from a road traffic accident leading to the death of a 27-year-old husband/father. Drafting complex Schedules of Loss, Particulars of Claim and advising on quantum.
  • P & Others v MOJ (Central London County Courty 2019): a multi-claimant action arising from assaults by 2 prisoners on 7 members of prison healthcare and disciplinary staff, with a total pleaded value of over £1,000,000. Drafting Defences, complex Counter-Schedules of Loss, Part 35 questions to medical experts, advising on liability and quantum, and representing the Defendant at court and in joint settlement meetings.
  • Y v MOD & Another (High Court QBD 2018): representing the Defendant in a successful “show cause” hearing in the Claimant’s claim for damages arising from asbestos-related disease.
  • Re: KV (Warwick Coroner’s Court 2017): Representing a leading infrastructure contractor in the inquest touching upon the death of a cyclist, who was thrown into the path of an oncoming vehicle when her bicycle entered a water-filled pothole on a rural road.
  • Voua v DHL Supply Chain Limited (Telford County Court 2017): Representing the Defendant in a road traffic accident claim, had the claim struck out with a costs order in the defendant’s favour and QOCS set aside, on the basis that the Claimant’s non-attendance at trial amounted to conduct obstructing the just disposal of proceedings.
  • H v Ministry of Justice (Leicester County Court 2017): successfully defended a claim brought by an inmate of a prison operated by the MOJ arising out of a brutal and unprovoked assault by another inmate. Drafted the Defence and advised throughout, and represented the Defendant at various hearings up to and including three day trial.
  • T v M (Lincoln District Registry 2017): Four day trial in the High Court, assisting leading counsel in a catastrophic brain injury claim arising out of a fall down stairs in allegedly defective premises.
  • Bull v Collins (Nottingham County Court 2016): Represented the successful Claimant at trial in a claim for breach of contract and misrepresentation arising out of the sale of a pony. Soon after the sale, it became apparent that the pony was not fit for the stated purpose of being a safe ride for the Claimant’s inexperienced daughter and did not meet the Defendant’s description of being a “super-safe all-rounder”. The Claimant was awarded the sale price, along with damages for consequential losses.
  • B v (1) CC of S Police & (2) BJH (2016): Advised and drafted pleadings on behalf of the successful Claimant in a matter widely reported in both the tabloid and broadsheet press. The Claimant suffered injury to her spine in the course of her work as a police officer with the Frist Defendant whilst trying to restrain the Second Defendant’s escaped goat, which jumped on the Claimant, causing her to fall to the ground. The Claimant’s claim was brought against the First Defendant principally for negligent failure to provide adequate training and information in the handling of escaped animals, and against the Second Defendant under the Animals Act 1971 and for her negligent failure to attempt to recapture the goat.
  • C v Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (2016) Lawtel LTLPI 9/11/2016 (Unreported elsewhere): Advising and drafting court pleadings on behalf of the successful Claimant, who received damages in an out of court settlement for the unstable fracture injury to her spine sustained when she fell from a horse during a riding lesson operated by the defendant. The horse she was riding was caused to spook and move in a sudden and unexpected manner by a very loud high-pitched scream let out by a child, who was playing with other children near the arena where the Claimant’s lesson was taking place. The action was brought against the Defendant under the Animals Act 1971 and in breach of duty for allowing the children to play and make a noise in close proximity to the riding arena.
  • F v W (2016): Advice, pleadings, and representation on behalf of Mrs F who, along with her late husband, was attacked by the Defendant farmer’s bull whilst walking along a public footpath through the Defendant’s field. In an out of court settlement, damages were recovered to reflect the losses flowing from Mrs F’s serious injuries and the death of her late husband who, sadly, did not survive the attack.
  • Re: MAH (Deceased) (Nottingham Coroner’s Court 2015) & AH v NCC (2016): Representation at a two week inquest on behalf of the family of a deceased young man with severe autism, who drowned on a trip to a local reservoir whilst in the care of the local authority. Subsequent advice and pleadings in the successful civil claim for damages brought by the father of the Deceased against the local authority.
  • City of Lincoln Council v Bird [2015] EWHC 843 (QB): Appeal against the outright dismissal of the Council’s claim for possession against a tenant, whose conduct was found to be threatening and abusive towards both tenants and housing officers.
  • Kozlowska v Thurloe (t/a Judi Thurloe Sports Horses) [2012] EWCA Civ 236: A successful appeal on behalf of a defendant livery yard owner in a claim by a former employee arising from a horse riding accident. Judgment was set aside because of the trial judge's failure to give adequate reasons for his decision and successfully defended the claim at the re-trial.


"She is so clever and extraordinarily good." "She's a safe pair of hands and is very down to earth."

Chambers & Partners 2020 - Personal injury

"Responsive, approachable and thorough."

Legal 500 2020 - Inquests & inquiries and personal injury

"Her written work is very thorough and detailed, and she has very good judgement."

Chambers & Partners 2019 - Personal injury

"She provides pragmatic advice." "Very knowledgeable, especially on equine cases."

Legal 500 2019 - Inquests & inquiries and personal injury & clinical negligence

"Her attention to detail is very good. She analyses the legal issues very well." "Georgina is excellent at dealing with equine cases in particular." "She is very thorough and does not miss a thing."

Chambers & Partners 2017 - Personal injury

"Very prompt, has an eye for detail, good on her feet and efficient." "Has a very good way of explaining the complexities of the Animals Act to clients."

Chambers & Partners 2016 - Personal injury

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