Jason Cox

Call: 1992

“He’s very able. He deals with a lot of high-value work. A go-to barrister.”

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Jason Cox

Jason has a specialist practice focused on high-value personal injury and clinical negligence work.

He is highly regarded for his formidable cross-examination skills and keen eye for detail. Many clients instruct him as an alternative to using leading counsel in catastrophic claims.

Jason is a qualified PICarbs arbitrator.

Away from the Bar, Jason lists his interests as rugby and cricket (now only as a spectator), cycling and skiing (as a participant) and music.

Personal Injury and Catastrophic Injury

For many years Jason has a broad personal injury practice, acting for both Claimants and Defendants in all types of personal injury case in all parts of the country. However, his personal injury practice is now primarily focused on accident cases leading to serious or catastrophic injury or fatality. He has a particular interest in sports-related injuries.

He also frequently appears at inquests and CICA claims.

He has undertaken several lower limb and hand amputation cases in the last two years, acting for Claimants and Defendants and is familiar with the expert issues which arise in this type of case including prosthetics, care and OT and accommodation.

He has concluded two serious brain injury cases in the last year, one for a Claimant and one for a Defendant, in both cases without leading counsel, each valued at over £2,000,000. He is very familiar with the expert issues which arise in such cases and also the implementation of Periodical Payment Orders.

Other recent work include concluding a claim for moderate head injury following a cycling accident; securing a significant contribution from the co-Defendant and settling quantum against leading counsel at a joint settlement meeting. He has also appeared at a contested liability trial in a claim involving the loss of an eye and claim for provisional damages (Cassidy v BT, Lawtel AC0153515).

He has several ongoing cases where video and social media evidence is being used to demonstrate exaggeration and a finding of “fundamental dishonesty” is sought.

Clinical Negligence

Jason has a well-established practice in clinical negligence work, acting for both Claimant and Defendants.

He has recently appeared in a four day trial against an NHS Trust in relation to obstetric negligence leading to post-partum haemorrhage, a three day trial against an NHS Trust in relation to performance of ileostomy surgery leading to retraction and a two day trial acting for a Consultant plastic surgeon in respect of private cosmetic treatment, where the claim was dismissed.

He successfully acted for the family in a claim against an NHS Trust in respect of failure to monitor the withdrawal of medication of a psychiatric patient, leading to suicide. He also recently acted for a Claimant who developed severe renal failure after the GP failed to act on test results.

He is currently defending a claim involving post-natal suicide with contribution proceedings and a claim against multiple defendants, arising out of the delayed referral and diagnosis of leukaemia with serious neurological consequences.

Jason is involved in advising a number of Claimants in the Leicester Epilepsy Litigation which is being conducted in the form of an Alternative Dispute Resolution process approved by the Court. As a result, he has developed a particular interest and expertise in relation to litigation concerning the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.

He is frequently instructed on behalf of insurers considering in contribution claims which raise clinical negligence issues.

Jason also has considerable experience of acting for families at inquests involving possible clinical negligence.

Counter Fraud

Jason has advised various insurers in cases where there is a suspicion of fraud, including evidence management and trial preparation.

He has conducted many trials where allegations of fraud and / or malingering are made, including alleged high value cases with video evidence. He has successfully recovered substantial costs against Claimants who have exaggerated their claims at first instance and in the Court of Appeal in Hullock.


  • Direct Access Qualified
  • PICarbs Arbitrator


  • Personal Injuries Bar Association
  • Professional Negligence Bar Association
  • Nottinghamshire Medico-Legal Society


  • LLB (Hons) 1st, University of Nottingham

Notable Cases

  • Hullock v East Riding of Yorkshire CC [2009] EWCA Civ 1039: Successful appeal relating to payment of costs by a Claimant who had exaggerated their claim and in light of video evidence had settled claim for the same sum received by way of interim payments many months earlier. The Claimant was ordered to pay costs of the Defendant since the date of the interim payment.
  • British Telecommunications Plc v Geraghty & Miller International Inc [2004] EWHC 2095 (QB): The leading case concerning the scope and quantification of damages recoverable by BT for negligent damage to its apparatus. The Claimant failed to recover more than the Defendant‘s Part 36 offer after a two week Mercantile Court trial and was ordered to pay costs exceeding £1m.
  • Paintin v Stella Musical Production Ltd [2003] 5 Q.R.: The first reported case of provisional damages following DVT with late risks of DVT / thrombophlebitis.


"Always very well prepared." "A very good advocate."

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2021 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"A strong advocate both in court and at joint settlement meetings with extensive medical knowledge."

"A strong advocate both in court and at joint settlement meetings, leaving no stone unturned."

Legal 500 2021 - 'Leading Junior' - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"He provides excellent and practical advice in difficult cases and he's a real tactician, who always comes up with the best approach." "He is extremely capable both in court and in negotiations and leaves no stone unturned." "He is extremely capable both in court and in negotiations and leaves no stone unturned. He's always up to date with the latest legal changes and precedents, and he's very approachable and always willing to pick up the phone to discuss a matter."

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2020 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"He has incredible attention to detail and turns instructions around quickly."

Legal 500 2020 - Personal injury

"He's an excellent advocate, very persuasive on his feet, and he undertakes a huge amount of preparation for everything he does." "He's very thorough, robust, and really understands the client's concerns."Very able and approachable; he puts clients at their ease." "He has a brilliant eye for detail and is very direct, with good judgement. A careful barrister."

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2019 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"A strong advocate who provides practical advice."

Legal 500 2019 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"An excellent advocate, whose attention to detail is second to none."

Legal 500 2017 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"His attention to detail is second to none and he never lets you down in negotiations or advocacy."

Legal 500 2016 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

"Jason is an extremely capable lawyer who is able to quickly grasp the relevant issues in a case. His advice is always provided without delay and shows great attention to detail." "Frequently sought after for his experience in handling high-value catastrophic claims, 'he has a real eye for detail and is very good on his feet.' 'He delivers very high-quality work on time.'"

Chambers & Partners 2016 - Personal injury

"Routinely instructed in high-value and complex clinical negligence cases, 'his advocacy stands out because he's able to see the key points of the case and deal with them in detail.' 'He consistently impresses in terms of attention to detail and his diligent approach to every case.'"

Chambers & Partners 2016 - Clinical negligence

"He is a very thorough, very responsive and very able advocate."

Chambers & Partners 2015 - Personal injury

"He is easy to engage with and knows the subject matter intimately."

Chambers & Partners 2015 - Clinical negligence

"He is noted in particular for his ability with catastrophic and fatal claims. 'He's very able. He deals with a lot of high-value work. A go-to barrister.'"

Chambers & Partners 2014 - Personal injury

"Sought after for orthopaedic-related matters, as well as multi-party claims pertaining to misdiagnosis of epilepsy. He often represents families in inquests and is noted for his empathetic approach. 'He gets straight to the heart of the issue and doesn't stand for any nonsense.'"

Chambers & Partners 2014 - Clinical negligence

"Commentators note his expertise in claims concerning catastrophic injuries."

Chambers & Partners 2013 - Personal injury

"Jason Cox is an experienced junior who has carved out a strong clinical negligence practice. He has been instructed in cases concerning a broad range of issues, including cosmetic surgery, cardiology and orthopaedic surgery. He is highly regarded by his peers, who see him as 'an outstanding practitioner and a silk in the making.'"

Chambers & Partners UK 2013 - Clinical negligence

"Jason Cox has a mixed practice that includes EL/PL and construction accident litigation."

Chambers & Partners 2012 - Personal injury

"Jason Cox is an experienced junior with extensive ADR and inquest knowhow."

Chambers & Partners 2012 - Clinical negligence

"The 'tenacious' Jason Cox is an outstanding junior for high-value matters."

Chambers & Partners 2011 - Personal injury

"Jason Cox is 'a good fighter who'll strain every sinew to get a result.'"

Chambers & Partners 2011 - Clinical negligence

"Jason Cox is thought to be 'a high-flyer of the future'. Sources wax lyrical about his skills and are particularly effusive about his 'formidable cross-examination of witnesses.'"

Chambers & Partners 2010 - Personal injury

"Jason Cox is praised for 'showing an original and pragmatic approach to his cases.'"

Chambers & Partners 2010 - Clinical negligence

"Jason Cox is a good example of the set's high-calibre juniors. He is seen as one of the rising stars of the Personal Injury Bar and his 'keen intelligence and ability to seize the point and develop it' have attracted much attention."

Chambers & Partners 2009 - Personal injury

"Jason Cox exhibits 'clarity and sensitivity' and 'has the complete skill set' for healthcare and complex negligence issues."

Chambers & Partners 2009 - Clinical negligence

"Jason Cox is an 'experienced junior who deals with the whole spectrum of clinical negligence cases.'"

Legal 500 2009 - Personal injury and clinical negligence

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